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1. Tea Pot Gas Station

So remember kids songs

I’m a little teapot short and stout …
Here is my handle and here is my spout ..
This Unique Gas Stations is located in the city of Yakima Valley, Washington.

2. Welcome To the City Gas Station

This is the Tramway Gas Station. Address: 2901 North Palm Canyon Drive (complete address, huh). Built in 1963 by Frey and Chambers, unique roof was deliberately created for dramatic effect at the boundary into the city. As a symbol of welcome to the city

3. Recycled Materials Gas Station

If It happen to be summer in Los Angeles, Do not forget to stop by here.
Uniquely, these pumps are made from recycled materials that are environmentally friendly. It would surprise that the result this good.
Recycled Materials Gas Stations

4. Lax Airpot roof Gas Stations

Jack Colker Union located at 96 Crescent Drive Beverly Hills, California. This project may be an accident of the most astonishing. Triangular roof of this building, originally built to LAX airport. But it was not used. Well from the unemployed roof, made gas station roof. Pretty smart huh..

5. Futuristic Gas Station

Ordinary ?
Maybe ..
But do you know, the designer Arne Jacobsen reply to design of this building that is located in Copenhagen, Danish in 1937?
Such a leap of design, right?
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